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This case study is a real life case which happens in textile units where Jet Dyeing Baskets are used for fabric dyeing.

The case study is about a dyeing and printing unit which was facing a lot of problems with its Jet Dyeing Machines in which frequent buffing became a daily phenomenon due to increasing instances of entanglement resulting into damage of grey fabrics and loss of valuable production.

The cost of buffing is Rs. 1500/-. Apart from the cost of buffing, the unit was facing tremendous losses in terms of production which was tantamount to around 10 times the buffing cost. Minol Coating Pvt. Ltd. (MCPL) came up with an innovative solution and a presentation was made before the unit's owner regarding the merits of PTFE coating on Jet Dyeing Baskets. The unit was quite hesitant in adopting the practice as initial cost of coating is higher than buffing. However hard convincing by MCPL led to nod of the unit to apply PTFE coating on one of the baskets. The unit also put forward a clause, mentioning smooth operation of basket for 6 months and recoating of basket free of cost, if problem crops up within 6 months.

MCPL agreed to the clause and a basket was coated. The coated basket was highly successful in terms of longevity and smoothly crossed the time clause of 6 months, even meeting twice the time clause. Looking at the success, the unit went for gradual PTFE coating for rest of the baskets.

Salient features of PTFE Coating on Jet Dyeing Baskets

  • Strong chemical guard inside the basket.

  • Easy lubrication.

  • Non-stick property.

  • Machinery work trouble tree for long period.

  • Due to strong chemical guard, no yarn entanglement.

PTFE Coating is also very much effective in Jet Dyeing Machine Baskets and Sizing Drums and Impellors.

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