Fluoropolymer coatings are blends of high performance resins and fluoropolymer lubricants. These coatings provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Other benefits of fluoropolymer coatings include reduced friction, resistance to galling, non stick, non wetting, electrical resistance and abrasion resistance. Fluoropolymer coatings are applied to fasteners and various OEM components to provide a longer life before replacement.

Types of Fluoropolymer Coatings

Advantages of Fluoropolymer Coatings

Chemical Resistance
Exhibits excellent chemical resistance even under stress and is stable against most chemicals.
Electrical Properties
Exhibits excellent insulation and stable dielectric properties at a wide range of temperatures.
Heat Resistance
Can be used within a wide temperature range.
High Weather Resistance
No deterioration or change in properties as a result of direct sunlight, wind and rain or exposure to exhaust gases. Suitable for outdoor use over long periods.
Meets UL specification 94V-O and is odourless and non-toxic.
Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Typical Applications for Fluoropolymer Coatings

  1. Agitators
  2. Baffles
  3. Coating Pans
  4. Centrifuges
  5. Coat Tanks
  6. Column Sections
  7. Conical Blenders
  8. Conveyers
  9. Cookers
  10. Covers
  11. Dip Tanks
  12. Dip Pipes
  13. Distillation Columns
  14. Dryers
  15. Dryer Trays
  16. Drum Filters
  17. Electrolytic Cells
  18. Extension Pieces
  19. Fans
  20. Filter Housings
  21. Fittings
  22. Feeders
  23. Flush Outlet Valves
  24. Vessels
  25. Heat Exchanger Coils
  26. Hoppers
  27. Bellows
  28. Dip Tubes
  29. Ducts
  30. Fume Hoods
  31. Gas Cylinders
  32. Piping Systems
  33. Plating Equipments
  34. Probes
  1. Impellers
  2. ISO Containers
  3. Kettles
  4. Knockout Pots
  5. Man way Covers
  6. Mist Eliminators
  7. Mixers
  8. Mixing Equipment
  9. Molds
  10. Pipe Work
  11. Pressure Filters
  12. Protector Rings
  13. Pumps
  14. Reactor Vessels
  15. Rollers
  16. Rounders
  17. Reducing Flanges
  18. Scrubber Sections
  19. Storage Tanks
  20. Thermo-Wells
  21. Trays
  22. Vacuum Filters
  23. Valves
  24. Venturis
  25. Spargers
  26. Storage Vessels
  27. Tanks
  28. Blenders
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