5 ways to solve the problem of musty laundry

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This problem is not only disturbing. It only interferes with the olfactory mechanism. But it also affects your personality to the point of making people not want to get close to you. ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app has a solution to the problem of smelly, annoying clothes to recommend. To be able to wear clean, fresh-smelling clothes every day.

1. Sun exposure is best.

If the weather is good on a day The sky is clear and the sun is shining. Don’t miss your chance to do your laundry. Putting clothes in the sun to dry The heat and drying time will help kill various germs. But if it’s really difficult to find sunlight, look for a place with good ventilation and wind, and hang clothes at a reasonable distance from each other. This will help the cloth dry more easily. Most importantly, cloth that is not dry must not be folded or put in the closet. Because it will make the smell stronger.

2. Choose a laundry product

Nowadays, there is technology in laundry products. That helps reduce and eliminate musty odors in almost every brand, whether it’s anti-bacterial technology, silver nano technology that cleans deep into the fibers, micro active technology that breaks the product into small particles to remove deep stains. to fibers, capsule technology, perfumes, etc.

They also have detergent, laundry detergent, and fabric softener. that has a special formula for washing clothes at night Sun-free formula You can also choose the scent you like to make your clothes smell good and clean, eliminating the problem of smelly clothes during the rainy season.

3. Clean the washing machine

A washing machine is something that many people don’t expect. Because I thought that the washing machine was constantly exposed to both water and detergent products. It must be clean. It’s a wrong idea. Because the washing machine that we use for a long time without ever cleaning it It is a source of accumulation of various stains and germs. Therefore, we should clean the washing machine occasionally to increase its working efficiency.

The cleaning method is simple, just turn on the machine. Set the water level to be like washing normal clothes. Then pour in hot water and add about 4 cups of vinegar. Then press the button for the machine to work normally. It will help eliminate germs that are in small nooks and crannies that we can’t see.

4. Use assorted techniques

When clothes smell musty We can bring items nearby to help eliminate odors on clothes using the following techniques:

  • Soak the cloth in water mixed with vinegar.
  • Use sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Soak the cloth before washing.
  • Alcoholic drinks like vodka mixed with water Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the smelly area. Helps reduce musty smell urgently.
  • Lemon juice mixed with salt Apply it on clothing in areas that have a musty smell. Use a laundry brush or an unused toothbrush to scrub gently in circular motion to help relieve the smell.
  • Alum, which has the same properties as deodorant. Can also be used to reduce musty odors on fabrics.
  • Ammonia helps eliminate accumulated musty odors as well. By mixing it with the final water for washing clothes at a ratio of 10 percent.
  • Use hot water or iron with a high-heat steam iron. The heat will help remove the odor from the fabric fibers.

5. Wash again

If your clothes have a musty smell that is beyond repair You shouldn’t force it. But wash it again by putting it in a separate basket to wash with the 4 methods above recommended. But if anyone has enough capital “Clothing dryer” also answers the question. Because the feature of the dryer will help dry clothes so they are ready to wear immediately. If the weather is very humid, it will also greatly reduce the time spent in the sun. We guarantee that these annoying odors will definitely go away.