How to get rid of rats: 10 ways to get rats out of the house 

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How to get rid of rats and rats, an animal that many people feel intimidated by. Because rats are not only carriers of leptospirosis and various germs from dirty water pipes. But they also destroy things in the house, such as gnawing on shoes, drilling holes in furniture or wooden floors in the house to make nests or walkways. สมัคร ufabet Including biting electrical wires which may cause harm as well. Repelling rats and how to get rid of rats is therefore an inevitable necessity for the health and safety of people in the home. So let’s see how to repel rats. How to get rid of rats in the house with great results.

How to get rid of rats And how to get rid of rats from the house.

1. Use scent to repel rats.

An easy and effective way to get rid of rats and rats is to use a scent that rats don’t like to make them move out of the house on their own. Start your journey to rid your home of rats by smell by selecting the following items with strong odors. Then place them along walls, crevices, hidden corners, ceilings, water pipe covers, and/or trash cans.

2. Pungent smelling herbs

Place oleander branches or cloves along the paths and entrances to mouse nests, but be careful not to touch the latex from various parts of the oleander tree, including the water in the oleander pollen, because it is poisonous. The cloves are not poisonous like oleander and have medicinal properties. Many herbs However, pregnant women should not be allowed to inhale the essential oil from cloves. Because it can be dangerous.

3. Oil or herbal liquid with a pungent odor

Another way to get rid of rats is to repel rats with herbs. To repel rats, it is recommended to place a small container with turpentine. Peppermint (mint) essential oil or herbal rat repellent solution But it is seldom recommended to use kerosene. Because there is a smell that can make members of the house dizzy. It also has good flammability properties. That creates a risk of fire as well.

4. Rat repellent tablets

It has the appearance of black granules and gives off a pungent odor of natural herbs that rats do not like. Which is both safe, convenient to use, and inexpensive, only 60 per bag or no more than 200 baht, can effectively repel rats.

5. Mothballs

Wrap the mothballs in a rag or cloth bag. Or you can place it in a small container. It is not only a way to get rid of rats. But the pungent smell of mothballs can also repel ants, lizards, geckos, cockroaches, and general pests. It’s called killing up to 5 birds with one shot.

6. Baking soda

In addition to having a smell that repels rats Made me have to run away. It is also one of the ingredients in cooking and desserts. With over 50 universal benefits such as skin scrub, foot spa, and detoxification from fruits and vegetables.

7. Mouse repellent cube

It has the appearance of a small lump that emits a hot herbal scent in all directions. And It is recommended to choose natural herbs. It has a pungent odor but is not dangerous. It is water resistant and can be placed outdoors. And the price is not expensive, only about 100-300 baht.

8. Use loud noises to repel rats.

Rats are frightened animals. Just light a firecracker near the rat’s hideout. They will definitely flee and disperse from their homes. But for safety You can also play a clip of the sound of firecrackers exploding instead of actually setting them off.

9. Use a mousetrap cage.

It is a classic and effective way to get rid of rats. Just place scraps of your rat’s favorite food as bait. Place the cage near the rat’s food path, such as near a wall, next to a trash can, and then just wait for the rat to become trapped and leave it somewhere far from home.

10. Raise a cat

It is well known that Where are there cats? There are no rats there. Because mice are food for cats, so if you are a lover of furry and cuddly animals, Here’s how to get rid of rats. The most pleasant and effective rodent repellent