Guru pointed out that Ramsdale was kicked and must

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Football guru Richards Keys believes Mikel Arteta is to blame after Aaron Ramsdale was kicked by a Tottenham Hotspur fan last night

. Went to defeat the “Golden Spur Chicken” with a score of 2-0 in the North London Derby game last night.

There was a point to talk about after the game when Ramsdale was kick in the back by a Tottenham fan as he walked to the sidelines to pick up a water bottle. Which caused the players of both teams to help prevent the event from escalating

Keyes commented that Arteta should be a good example for the team in terms of behavior. “Ramsdale came under provocation and there appeared to be an

argument with a Tottenham supporter in the second half as well, Ben White was another,” he told UFABET Sports .

“Well, Arsenal are 2-0 up. What I fear and have said for a long time is that The person there (Arteta) is the person who should be blamed the most for his provocative behavior on the sidelines ′

′ And if he doesn’t behave well. It seemed like everyone else would do the same. In the end, who will be in charge of the discipline? There’s no one left.”