How to bet football step How to bet to make money worthwhile

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For beginners who are interested in trying football betting steps You can follow the method below. Guarantee that it will give you the opportunity to make money from this type of gambling easily, of course. สมัคร UFABET

1. Choose a pair of balls to be

First of all, you will have to choose which pair to bet on. Which we recommend you to choose the pair that you think has the most chance of entering. For the recommended number of pairs, it should not exceed 3-5 pairs per bill. Because if more than that, for example, 10 pairs or more, the chances of winning will be less, on the contrary, the chances of losing are greater.

2. match the ball

After getting the number of ball pairs that you think have the greatest chance of entering Next is pairing. Assuming there are 5 pairs in total, it can be matched into 10 patterns as follows.

  • abc
  • abd
  • abe
  • acd
  • ace
  • ade
  • bcd
  • bce
  • bde
  • cde

This is an example of a pair of balls, also known as a cross of pairs of balls. make more chances to win which if you do a good analysis The chances of losing every bill are very small.

3. Set bet amount

Step football betting does not require a lot of money to bet. Since most football betting websites tend to set the minimum step for football betting at 10 baht, so if you are a beginner, you may start by betting 10 baht per bill. already It will use only 100 baht of funds.

4. Calculate returns

After placing bets on all football pairs Let’s try to calculate the answer almost roughly. of each bill first By taking the multiplier price of each pair of balls multiplied by the amount of money bet on each set Will get an approximate amount of money to be returned, for example, in one set, there are 3 pairs of balls, each pair having a multiplicative rate of 1.5,1.6,1.7, then multiply all 3 sets of numbers together and multiply with the capital, which is 10 baht. will come out as the money you will get

All of these are ways to choose football betting steps that have the greatest chance of winning. Especially for people who still use unprincipled stabbing methods. is stab anyway Try to change to a bet as suggested above. believe that the chances of winning will definitely be greater