‘Howe’ is still calm, ‘Newcastle’ has lost 3 games in a row

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe feels worried But he insists he still feels calm. After losing to Brighton 3-1, losing three matches in a row. along with pointing out one of the important reasons Is that the team encounters a difficult racing program

Howe controls “Salika Dong” to visit Brighton, meets Evan Ferguson’s hat-trick trick, and despite injury, Callim Wilson, the substitute, comes down to hit the egg. but not in time

“I think we started the game well. We stand out in the early stages. And had many good opportunities to take the lead Howe opened up after the game. ทางเข้า ufabet

“When visiting here and have those rhythms We have to finish the score. Plus we lost a goal in a way that wasn’t us ′′ ′

′ I would have to say that the first goal is the turning point. We feel disappointed and lose confidence again. Especially from last week’s score results ′′ ′

′ The events after may not be what we want.

“We substituted a substitute. And was able to make an impact, but then Brighton scored from nothing again ′′ The

3-1 score was a disaster for us. But I think it didn’t reflect the performance throughout the game.”

After defeating Aston Villa in the opening match. The defeat at the Amex Stadium took Howe’s side three defeats in a row against Manchester City and Liverpool, and they are now 16th. “I understand the concerns

. When you don’t win And lost three matches in a row,” the former Bournemouth boss continued.

“I am very realistic. There are many other factors and reasons. The competition schedule we face is very difficult. “

My job is to stay calm. We analyze and go back and try to do things that we can improve on.”