‘Mourinho’ Advantages of strengthening the army ‘Pep’ Easy to buy

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Roma manager Jose Mourinho has compared his reinforcements to Pep Guardiola’s at Manchester City, pointing out that the Spaniard is easy to buy and sell, but he is “easy to buy and sell”.

He must use every means, whether on loan or signing free players to join the team. Pep Guardiola recently revealed that he will let the England midfielder leave the club after joining for £42m in 2022, but has failed to impress. /span> “We live in a different reality. ทางเข้า ufabet

I might have a choice of one, two, three or four and Thiago Pinto (Roma sports director) and the team owner like them too. We all want to develop and strengthen the team in the second half of the season. But we have trouble doing that.”beIN Sports “Look, I’m not a jealous person like that. But look at Manchester City for example.

They spent €80 million on Calvin Phillips and now Pep says he will release him and bring in a new midfielder. January,” Mourinho told Mourinho has given an example of how Pep is comfortable spending money at City, while he has had to be very creative in strengthening his squad this season, both on loan and signing players for free. On Mourinho’s side, he didn’t hesitate to bring up this incident to compare in terms of strengthening the team after being asked by reporters about the possibility of entering the transfer market in January.