Owen urged ‘Liverpool’ to search for the soul. 

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Former Liverpool star Michael Owen believes his former club must try to find team spirit. In order to continue to do good work,

“Reds” have a season that is not very beautiful. By now they are ranked 9th in the scoreboard. And 16 points behind the leader of the crowd, despite having just finished runners-up last season,

Liverpool are yet to win this calendar year. where they lost to Brentford and Brighton in the Premier League. and also always with Wolverhampton Wanderers in the FA Cup Ahead of this week’s tie for a winner

, Owen believes Liverpool need to find team spirit. To come back to do good work continuously again

“At this moment, Liverpool need to find a soul find their way back to where we all know they can,” he told the Premier League. The UFABET report

“We’ve seen it this season. We’ve seen it, they beat Manchester City 1-0, they beat Bournemouth 9-0, they’re doing well in the Champions League. They made it through to the next round ′

′ But we saw the discrete performance. In fact, they consistently performed worse than they did well. You could argue that they’re more consistent than we thought. But not in the right way!”