Reiteza believes ‘Liverpool’ are in poor form

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright commented Competing with Manchester City in the past several seasons Affecting the form of Liverpool ‘s play this season,

“Reds” compete for greatness in the land with “The Blues” over the past few years. In which they have won the Premier League title once,

both teams competed for the title until the final match last season, when City beat Liverpool by just one point.

But this season, Liverpool has a form of play that is worrying. especially after the new year They have yet to win a single victory, which Wright sees as a result of his struggles with City over the years.

“We’re talking about a Liverpool team that have been incredible in terms of chasing the ball from the front and helping midfield. Then they won the ball back from the front. UFABET

“When we look at how far apart they are from their opponents, You feel like they’re not close enough. I feel like it’s going to be very difficult for them ′

′ The seasons that they have been struggling with City, I think it’s starting to affect. Especially when they are still trying to push high. If you don’t have a midfield standing close enough to stop the opposing midfield. to throw the ball or stab through the hole It looks like they can be easily penetrated now.”