Revealing ‘Jonny’ Wolves back elbows junior

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The Athletic Sports media reveals the reason Jonny Otto was cut from the team by Wolves. It was because he tried to elbow a young star while training, or spit at the coaching staff. and vented his feelings by destroying the dressing room

Last week, Wolves announced that Jonny, 29, would train separately from his team-mates. Until at least the end of January. Just specifying the reason. It is about some incident on the practice field.

The latest report details The incident occurred while Jonny was training before Wolves lost 2-1 to Arsenal and became dissatisfied with Tawanda Chireva, the kid who created the midfield position. Hit hard

spanish footballer respond with anger before trying to use his elbow to attack the junior. But it was not hit, so the 20-year-old was not injured. And continue practicing until the end of the session. ทางเข้า

Wolves teammates were stunned by the incident. While one of the coaching staff tried to defuse the situation and Jonny spit on him.

Jonny was ordered to leave the practice field immediately. And when entering the dressing room He continues to vent his feelings by destroying the TV. And one table broke. before heading straight home

“We shook hands and talked and Jonny apologized.” Wolves sporting director Matt Hobbs reveals “We have agreed that Jonny will not be involved with the team until the end of the January transfer window.” “He will still train at the club. and can play in the U-21 team to maintain fitness” “Jonny has served the club wonderfully. And this incident does not erase the role he played in our period of success.” The former Celta Vigo striker has played with Wolves for 5 seasons, making 134 appearances in total, but this season he only played 4 minutes in the Premier League, coming on as a substitute in the 2- win over Manchester City. 1