Rio believes ‘Wakehorst’ will do well with ETH style

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Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand thinks Vout Wakehorst would fit in well with Erik ten Hag’s style of play. Rafford is on loan after terminating his contract with Besiktas a few days ago. Ready to take the shirt number 27 to occupy

, the 30-year-old spearhead was charged with After only 2 goals and 3 assists in 20 Premier League games While playing for Burnley this season he has scored nine goals and provided four assists in 18 appearances in Turkey.

It fits Ten Hag’s way of playing and is a deal that emphasizes efficiency rather than class names.

“I think this is the signing of Ten Hag, which is the opposite of what United have done before. We bought Falcao, Zlatan. ‘Will these shins fit our game?'” he told UFABET

“This isn’t a spectacular deal. It’s not an exciting deal. But if you look at Ten Hag’s history, look at Ajax, he grabbed [Sebastian] Aller, which probably no team in the Premier League would want, given his performance at West Ham. became one of the most feared strikers in Holland Including in the Champions League ′ ′ ′

′ He has become a top striker in terms of goals scored. During his time there A player like that, like Wakehorst, fits the way Erik ten Hag wants to play because if you look at Aller for example, you can see why he was picked up. He must have something to want ′

′ I don’t think you can judge him based on his time at Burnley and I’m just thinking about Erik ten Hag’s style. Will he fit the way he plays? ? Is it the style that I want to play? It’s right.”

“Can he chase the ball? That’s a big part of Ten Hag football and this one can do it. He’s doing well too. So you can see why his name is showing up. He might not be the most elegant answer, but it could be effective.”